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Everyone wants it. A life that’s better. More joy, greater meaning, clarity of direction and quality of living. At EMBRACE, we gather with the HUNCH that life with God is better than life without God. In this post-Easter season of our community, we will be taking four weeks to discover what that “better life” actually looks like. Through the parables of Jesus, we will get a glimpse of Kingdom life that is whole and abundant. Join us each Sunday in April for the HUNCH sermon series and pursue the better life.

APRIL 3 | “Laying Ground: The Better Foundation” | Matthew 13:1-9; Luke 6:46-49
Synopsis: There are many things in life that we tend to build our lives on… but only one foundation holds true. It is the Word of God… the wisdom of God. When Jesus taught… he drew crowds. There was a reason for this. People got what he was saying. If we “hear” what Jesus is saying, and “do” what His Word tells us to do, we will build our lives on the one foundation that can survive any storm, any challenge.

APRIL 10 | “Life Inventory: Using What You Have” | Matthew 25:14-30
Synopsis: When we make a careful assessment of our lives, we will see that we have more than we think. The Parable of the Talents is a lesson is making use of what we have rather than being so focused on pursuing what we don’t have. The better life is not one that has more, but one that is fully lived with what is available. God gives “talents” to everyone. We can use these for fruit and impact, or we can bury them. Our faithful use will lead to God’s affirmation, “Well done good and faithful servant…”

APRIL 17 | “Forgiveness: Facing Forward” | Matthew 18:21-35
Synopsis: Forgiveness is central to a life with God. We all need forgiveness, but we are all also called to forgive others. On both sides of this, we experience a breaking free from the past so the we can face forward to a better, lighter future. We do not have to carry the baggage that weighs us down and makes life miserable. The better life is a forward moving life.

APRIL 24 | “Surrender: The Power of Prayer” | Luke 18:1-14
Synopsis: Most of us live life trying to be in control. And as a result, we become frustrated, burnt out, stressed. God offers a better life where we can surrender through the power of prayer. Prayer works. Prayer connects us to God. Prayer keeps us humble. But the key is that we remain persistent and constant in prayer. We need to make surrender a lifestyle… a rhythm of our faith.